Rent a Car Uganda for Family Trips: 3 Best Family Cars

Rent a Car Uganda for Family Trips 3 Best Family Cars

Are you wondering where to find a convenient car rental for family trip in Uganda? Worry no more! Rent a car for family trips with Your Drive Uganda. We are a Kampala-based car rental Uganda company offering premium car hire services. Our services range from airport pick-up and drop-off to family, business, and camping trips, among others. Our family car rental package includes airport pick-up and drop-off, wedding transportation service, picnics, weekend getaways, camping, and graduations, among others.

While travel is a very important aspect of all walks of life, you will always need to move from one point to another. This will require you to look for some reliable means to transfer your family from one destination to another, whether you own one or rent one from an agency. First-time visitors may not need to buy a car, especially if they are going to spend a certain amount of time. Hiring a car is a great option for them.

For those looking for some quality bonding time with family, a 4×4 self drive road trip around Uganda might just be the perfect trick. Embarking on a family road trip with your loved ones might just bring you closer than you may think. You will have a great time enjoying and discovering new things, such as wildlife, culture, and historic attractions. Whether it’s a leisure vacation or safari, you will need to rent a private car that suits your family’s needs and travel budget. You will be considering cars that offer comfort and convenience to your family, as well as enough space for cargo in the rear or on the roof.

Whatever the choice of rental car you’ll be looking out for, Your Drive Uganda will help you find a well-serviced car along with a friendly and experienced driver guide for your family trip and explore some of the best destinations in Uganda and neighbouring countries. You can also rent a car for 4×4 self-drive Uganda road trip. We will also offer child seats at no extra cost.

We have been organizing family trips in Uganda of all sizes. Some of our best family-size cars include the 28-seater minibus, 8-seater vans, 5-seater SUVs, and station wagons. All our rental cars are available at pocket-friendly prices. Book your family car rental Uganda with us and experience a memorable road trip or vacation. Below are our car hire recommendations for your next family trip.

Best Family Rental Car in Uganda for a Vacation or Small Group Safari

Safari van

The mid-sized all-terrain minivan comfortably seats up to eight people. It is ideal for campers traveling in groups or family, given that it has sufficient space to accommodate all. It features a pop-up roof that offers breathtaking views while on game drives, an MP3/CD/DVD player, an AM/FM stereo, cruise control, and air conditioning to help make your trip as comfortable as possible. It is well-spaced with adjustable seats that offer comfort to its occupants, and the camping cargo is placed either on the roof rack or in the trunk. It is available with add-ons like child safety seats and a driver. Rent the safari van for your family 4×4 self drive car rental Uganda or with driver.

Safari Land Cruiser Extended

The custom-made all terrain Safari Land Cruiser is a popular safari car used by travelers on trips throughout Africa. It offers a much more comfortable and adventurous family trip from the countryside to a cross-country road trip. The powerful 4×4 off-roader is designed to handle any kind of terrain in all weather conditions, thus making it a perfect alternative for those interested in camping in remote areas. It seats up to seven occupants, and the pop-up roof allows for breathtaking views on game drives. It also has good leg room for all occupants, AC, a cooler box, and enough storage space for luggage. The flexible car seating offers enough space for everyone as well as cargo while making your travel experiences a breeze. So, whether you need enough room to bring home souvenirs or not, you have everything covered. Hire the Land cruiser extended for your car rental Uganda family trip.

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Start planning your trip in Uganda today! To rent a car for a family trip in Uganda, simply reach out to us by sending an email to or calling our reservation team at +256- 704538374.