Affordable 4×4 self drive Car Rental Uganda from $30

Affordable 4x4 self drive Car Rental Uganda from $30

Wondering where to get quality car rental Uganda services? You are in the right place! Your Drive Uganda is a leading car hire Uganda company offering the best car rental solutions to enthusiastic travelers.

Rent a reliable 4×4 self-drive car rental or with driver services for as low as $30 per day and enjoy exciting 4×4 self drive Uganda trips to some of the best destinations. We also offer airport pick-up and drop-off services, hotel bookings, and transfers.

So, you don’t have to wait until you land at the airport before booking a rental car. To avoid all the hustles and bustles and last-minute disappointments, we will get you a reliable car for your entire trip and also help you book a hotel of your choice in time.

Our 4×4 self-drive car hire Uganda solutions are mostly reliable 4x4s, regularly serviced, well-maintained, and best suited for all road conditions. Our fleet includes the 4×4 Toyota Rav4, 4×4 Land cruiser Prado TX/TZ, 4×4 Land cruiser Prado TX/TX with a pop-up roof, 4×4 Land cruiser V8/VX, 4X4 Land cruiser V8/VX with a pop-up roof, 4×4 Land cruiser V8/VX with rooftop tent, 4×4 land cruiser GX Manual, 4×4 Land cruiser Prado TX/TX with rooftop tent, 4×4 Land cruiser GX manual with a pop-up roof, 4×4 Land cruiser GX manual with rooftop tent, 4×4 Safari Vans, 4×4 Land cruiser Hardtop, and a 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser extended. Rent a reliable rental car for a thrilling road trip at an affordable price and visit some of Africa’s popular destinations, as far away as Kenya and Rwanda.

We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced drivers who know the roads like the backs of their hands. If you are a first-time visitor, you can rent a car in Uganda with driver guide who will drive you to the places of your choice. All our drivers are well trained and tested, so you are sure to have the best experience on your car hire Uganda trip.

What to expect when you book with us

We offer free delivery around Kampala or the airport at any time when you land. With our flexibility, we will pick you up from whatever point of your choice or deliver the car at no extra charge.

We also offer discounts for campers when you rent a car with a roof-top tent and quality camping gear.

We provide safari support services such as booking gorilla permits or chimpanzee permits, park entry permits, and accommodations once you rent a car with us.

Easy border crossing. Our car rental Uganda solutions are available with simplified border crossings to Uganda, Kenya, or Rwanda.

Insurance coverage. All our rental cars are adequately insured, and quotes include insurance coverage for Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. So you can book one of our cars for your cross-country adventure.

Benefits of Car Rental

1. Freedom and flexibility

Renting a car for your trip means you will have all the freedom to travel at your own pace. You can design or adjust your itinerary according to your needs without being disturbed.

2. Cost effectiveness

Renting a car, especially on a long-term car rental Uganda is less costly compared to public transportation or buying your own car in another country. It will save you from all the expenses involved in owning a car.

3. Time saving

Waiting to board a taxi or bus can be time-wasting, especially if you are on schedule. Renting a car allows you to start off your trip and reach your destination anytime of the day without delays.

4. One-way rental services

We offer one-way rental services where you can rent a car from one station and return it to another. This allows you to save time in cases of urgency.

Our Fleet: Cheap 4x4 Self drive Car Hire Uganda

The 4WD recreational active vehicle has better handling, comfort, and safety. It is a good choice for driving around town, taking a road trip, a weekend getaway, or vacationing in the bush or at the beach. Its fuel consumption is low, which is why it is highly preferred by many road trippers. It has a sitting capacity of 4 to 5 people. Rent a 4×4 Toyota Rav4 Car Hire Uganda at $40 per day on 4×4 self drive car rental Uganda. Read more…

The invincible 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX/TZ is a luxury SUV known for its on-road and off-road capability, reliability, and strength, which no other competitor can come close to. It is comfortable, powerful, and provides convenience making it an ideal choice for long trips, off-road adventures, and city drive-arounds. Book it for your self drive road trips or with driver at $70 per day on 4×4 self drive car hire Uganda. Read more…

The 4×4 Toyota Hiace safari van or Drone is unbeatable, reliable, and dependable when it comes to both on-road and off-roading. The versatile 4×4 van is specially designed to provide the occupants with a fatigue-free driving experience. It features a pop-up roof that allows you to have breathtaking views while on game drives and has a carrying capacity of 8 passengers; it is an ideal for groups or families on a road trip. Read more…