4x4 Rent a Car Uganda for Self Drive for as low as USD 30/day: Cheap Car Rental Uganda

Check out for cheap, reliable and easy 4×4 Rent a Car Uganda for self drive or with driver guide at Your Drive Uganda. For the best Car rental Uganda Kampala deals and around Uganda, you can trust us, and we will deliver premium services on your 4×4 self drive Uganda or road trip Africa adventure at your own pace at an affordable price.

Welcome to Your Drive Uganda: Cheap 4x4 Car Rental

We do 4×4 rent a car Uganda services to travelers interested in exploring Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, and neighbouring countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

With more than 5 years of experience, we offer self drive cars for hire in Uganda as well as self drive car with driver for cross-border trips, self drive safaris, short term car hire and long term car hire and solo travels among others. Explore and enjoy a scenic drive to Uganda’s hidden gems for an exciting vacation or take a city drive to reveal some of the most significant land marks and world heritage sites by renting a reliable car with us. We will offer you the best rental cars at cheap car rental prices on 4×4 self-drive car rental Uganda or with driver.

For 4×4 rent a car Uganda, contact us for the best deals from as little as USD 30 per day, and our independent self-drive travel program gives you the freedom to explore all the best places in Uganda. You can go gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park; embark on game drives and boat cruises in Queen Elizabeth or Murchison Falls National Park on your self-drive tour or Uganda car rental with driver. We guarantee that your self drive 4×4 rent a car Uganda road trip experience will be easy and stress-free throughout your vacation.

We have a wide range of well-maintained self drive cars for rent in our fleet, including SUVs, sedans, minibuses, 4×4 Jeeps, minivans, pickup trucks, luxury cars, or 4×4 trucks for self drive safaris that seat from 15 to 44 passengers, and many more. We literally have everyone, every occasion, and every budget covered and ready to deliver a personalized self drive car rental Uganda at any time. We guarantee you value for money with our exceptional knowledge and proven experience as a car rental Uganda company.

Why Choose Us?

Our vast experience in the car rental Uganda industry gives us an edge over other players and enables us to win the trust of travelers who would like to rent a car Uganda for self drive road trips or with driver. Below are some reasons for you to trust our services.

Experienced Team

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced drivers is well acquainted with the breadth and length of Uganda, extending to neighbouring countries such as Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania, reaching deep into hard-to-access areas.

24/7 Assistance

We don’t just sit back after you book. We are always available 24/7 to help you and give you whatever necessary assistance throughout your entire self drive Uganda trip. We also handle emergencies, so you can have the best and most enjoyable experience without interruptions.

Seamless Booking Process

We offer a wide range of rental cars and car rental services in Uganda 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a seamless booking process while responding to our clients as quickly as possible.

Pickups and Dropoffs

Our cars are always available in good condition and at the best prices in the market. They can be easily picked up from Entebbe airport or Kampala and delivered to all major towns in Uganda for your convenience.

Contact Us for the best Car Rental Uganda Deals!

Contact Us for the best Car Rental Uganda Deals!

Our Fleet: 4x4 Rent a Car Uganda for self drive

Rent a car in Uganda in good condition on short-term car rental or long-term car rental Uganda. You can choose to rent one of our comfortable cars for daily, weekly, or monthly car hire Uganda. Whether you are looking for luxury or economy, we will offer you the most appropriate choice for your travel needs with the best car rental prices in Uganda.

Rent a 4x4 Toyota Rav4 – Car Hire Uganda

The 4WD recreational active vehicle has better handling, comfort, and safety. It is a good choice for driving around town, taking a road trip, a weekend getaway, or vacationing in the bush or at the beach. Its fuel consumption is low, which is why it is highly preferred by many road trippers. It has a sitting capacity of 4 to 5 people. Rent a 4×4 Toyota Rav4 Car Hire Uganda at $40 per day on 4×4 self drive car rental Uganda. Read more…

The invincible 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX/TZ is a luxury SUV known for its on-road and off-road capability, reliability, and strength, which no other competitor can come close to. It is comfortable, powerful, and provides convenience making it an ideal choice for long trips, off-road adventures, and city drive-arounds. Book it for your self drive road trips or with driver at $70 per day on 4×4 self drive car hire Uganda. Read more…

The 4×4 Toyota Hiace safari van or Drone is unbeatable, reliable, and dependable when it comes to both on-road and off-roading. The versatile 4×4 van is specially designed to provide the occupants with a fatigue-free driving experience. It features a pop-up roof that allows you to have breathtaking views while on game drives and has a carrying capacity of 8 passengers; it is an ideal for groups or families. Read more…

Rent the 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Extended 7 seater at $180 per day with driver on car rental Uganda. It is designed to offer a complete travel experience with off-road performance and reliability while maintaining comfort. It is ideal for long country drives in all kinds of terrain and in all weather conditions. It features a pop-up roof that allows for breathtaking views during game drives and enough space, as well as cargo. Read more…

Rent the sedan or saloon car for as low as $40 per day on car hire Uganda. Sedans are not just popular but perfect choices for road trips because of their great fuel economy, ease of maneuvering, and affordable rental rates and also appeals to all age groups. You can arrange your trip with as many as five travelers with enough leg room, bundle up your luggage, and still feel comfortable on your self drive road trip. Read more…

The 4×4 Nissan Patrol is a durable and powerful off-road vehicle you should consider for your self drive road trip or with driver on car rental Uganda. It is well tested for even the most challenging road conditions. The near-indestructible vehicle enjoys a reputation for reliability, longevity, and comfort. It has ample space for both occupants and luggage on the rear or on the rooftop. It’s ideal for family or group adventures. Read more…

4x4 Rent a Car Uganda Requirements

You will need to fulfill the following requirements to renting a car in Uganda for 4×4 self-drive car rental Uganda or with driver guide:


To rent a car in Uganda, you should be above the age of maturity, which is considered to be 25 years old. If you’re under the car rental Uganda minimum age of 25 years old, you may be required to pay a young driver’s fee, which may vary by the location you intend to rent the car at.

Driver's license

You should have a valid driver’s license with your photo on it from a recognized institution, whether local or international.


You should also provide a valid national identity card if you are a citizen of Uganda. Non-citizens will have to produce a valid passport.

Terms & conditions

Reading the company’s terms and conditions, which spell out how to handle the rental car in your possession will save you from many pitfalls.


You will also be required to make a down payment within an agreed-upon period of time to secure your booking or reservations with us. This allows us to reserve the vehicle for you and also be able to get you an experienced driver in time to avoid last-minute disappointments.

Safety and Assurance for 4x4 Rent a Car Uganda Services

We are a reliable car rental Uganda company based in Kampala. All our rental cars are regularly serviced and well-maintained to meet our clients’ needs and safety. Our safety precaution extends to adequately covering our rental cars with comprehensive insurance that includes coverage for motor accidents, a spare tyre and a first aid kit for emergencies. For 4×4 rent a car Uganda, we will provide you with an efficient, reliable, and safe car for your road trip, as well as an experienced driver who will be available as a contact person for necessary assistance and guidance to help you navigate during your self drive trip.

Tips for Renting a Car in Uganda

Long-Term Car Rental

4×4 rent a car Uganda for a month or more is an ideal option if you are planning a long-term car hire Uganda trip and need to drive without using your personal car, or simply need a vehicle for your long-term adventure. Rent a car in Uganda at an affordable price. Long-term car rental allows you to save or divert money to cover other costs in the long run.

Solo Travel on Self drive

Rent a car Uganda for self drive or with driver guide on your solo travel. It gives you the opportunity to break from the daily schedules of work and take some great time on an adventure to connect with nature or explore new destinations. Traveling solo on self drive road trip will greatly reward you with adventures of a lifetime. Enjoy your trip on best 4×4 rent a car Uganda.

Car Hire for Camping

Rent a car in Uganda for camping, and you will love to wake up to the sounds of birds or watch the sun rise over the forest. What an experience to have on a 4×4 rent a car Uganda camping trip! Experience sections of your destination that are less traveled by those who travel with an arranged safari company. Best car rental Uganda with camping equipment

Cheap Car Rental in Uganda with Driver: Your Drive Uganda

Car rental with driver is a great option for road trippers who do not fancy driving themselves but want a more relaxed experience on their trip or want to learn more about the local culture and wildlife in Uganda with the help of a driver-guide. All our 4×4 rent a car Uganda drivers speak English and are experienced tour guides and bush mechanics, just in case of a breakdown. Renting a car in Uganda with driver is easy and costs start from $40 per day which covers his allowance, accommodation and meals.

How to Rent a Car in Uganda for Self Drive: 4x4 Rent a Car Uganda

  • Follow the link to the ‘contact Us‘ page and fill up the form. 
  • Directly chat on whatsApp to connect with the reservations team
  • Share your details of travel and necessary documents required
  • Make the necessary payment
  • Share with us your desired pick up location or you can come directly to our office, details: SME Plaza, Mutundwe, Kampala.

Renting a Car in Uganda with Self drive Tours

We have curated some self drive tour itineraries which you can choose from for your 4×4 rent a car Uganda trip. We have included some of the best places and attractions in Uganda with thrilling experiences such as gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, big game or big five viewing, cultural encounters and many more. Alternatively, you can contact our reservations team to help you craft an itinerary which suits your style of travel and budget range. Better still, you can make the best use of our driver guides who will help give you good advice during your trip such as recommending places and attractions you can add to your itinerary, accommodation options and places to eat.

3 Days Gorilla Trekking Self drive Tour
3 Days Gorilla Trekking Self drive Tour

You have 3 days to explore the diversity of Bwindi Inpenetrable National Park including the opportunity to meet the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat on this self drive car hire Uganda tour.

4 Days Murchison Falls Self drive Tour
4 Days Murchison Falls Self drive Tour

With a lot on the plate to explore in Murchison falls National Park on your self drive car rental Uganda, the striking beauty of the powerful water fall in the world is the centrepiece of this great park. 

5 Days Wildlife & Primates Self drive Tour
5 Days Wildlife & Primates Self drive Tour

This Self drive car rental tour takes you to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for gorilla trekking and game drives and boat druise in Queen Elizabeth National park. You have 5 days to enjoy Uganda’s best destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a car in Uganda?

The cost of renting a car in Uganda is about $92 per day on average for large car rentals. Sedan car rentals may cost around $40 per day. The cost of renting a car in Uganda may also be influenced by the season you plan to have your trip. 

When should I Rent a Car in Uganda?

March to May and October to early December are the cheapest seasons to rent a car in Uganda. On the other hand, June to September and December to February are expensive months as well as festive seasons like Christmas and Easter. We recommend booking early to enjoy the best rates.

Can I travel to other countries with a rental car form Uganda?

Yes! 4×4 rent a car Uganda offers cross border car rental services which allows you to travel to other countries depending on the company cross border car rental policy. Read more…

How old do you have to be to rent a car in Uganda?

You have to be 18 years of age or older in order to rent a car in Uganda, which is the minimum age as stated by the law. However, most car rental companies and tour operators in Uganda may rent their cars to people aged 23–75.

Can I drive in Uganda with a foreign license?

You can pick up a vehicle in Uganda and drive off from the rental company after presenting a valid local or international driver’s license. A permit from your country of origin must be validated. You will also need a passport.

What do i need to rent a car in uganda

To rent a car in Uganda, you will need a valid passport and national identity card for foreigners and locals, respectively. You will have to sign a self drive agreement with the car rental company to adhere to their terms and conditions.